Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week #005

Sunday, September 30, 2012
"Memory" box contents | Weird contents | September Glossybox

Weekly nails | Studying | New drawer for iPhone 5 cases

Getting ready for a new collection | An awesome sign my mom made | My genuine iPhone 5

Indigo | ;] | A gift from my mom

Doors/windows open! | Pretty sky | Fresh month's calendar

Currently Reading: Mystic River by Dennis Lehane
Top Played Song: La Noyee by Yann Tiersen
Currently Watching: Gilmore Girls (season 2)
Looking Forward To: Being done with the tests I have to take this week.


  1. Wonderful photos! Can't believe it's a new month already. Sheesh! Where did the time go?

    Love your nails!
    Good luck wit the exams :)

  2. I like the contents in your memory box! :P And Indigo looks so cute! :p

    Have a great week and a fun month, Kirsten! ;D

  3. Is that the Tim & Eric's Awesome Show DVD? I'm a little bit obsessed with that show, especially with Steve Brule and how he says pluppets.
    That sign your mum made you is so lovely <3

  4. Love the nails, love the pigs, love the calendar. And the rosary.