Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hat Opinions

Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Alright, I know no one wants to think about thick winter hats in August... but I need to get started on my winter stock for my craft show in November and for the 909 shop. But before I make too many hats I wanted some opinions. Above are two hats with slightly different patterns (only dealing with the length of the fold-over). These are the thicker-knit (is that word still appropriate considering they're crocheted hats?) of my patterns. They're done with two skeins of yarn (duh). So I have three questions. 

1. Do you prefer thicker hats or thinner hats (see below)?
2. Do you like the look of the two different colored yarns or would you prefer a solid color throughout?
3. How long do you like the fold-over on a hat? 

These are the thinner knits, using only one skein of yarn. The purple one is tiny tiny...that was my first try with the new pattern. The blue one fits perfectly. At least my head. I'm going to go ahead and assume my head is a pretty regular sized head. I don't know what people say about me behind my back, but I'm guessing one of the things isn't something about my strangely shaped head.

I prefer the look of the thicker knits and enjoy making them more... but it's about the public. THE PUBLIC. That sounds pretty weird. Anyway, I'd love as many opinions as I can get! So please let me know!


  1. I prefer thinner hats over thicker, especially in the style that you've posted here that has a fold-over brim. The important thing (at least to me, in the dead cold winters of Winnipeg, MB) is to have my ears covered, and to be able to tug my hat to cover the upper half of my face if it's particularly blustery out. About 3 inches of foldover seems to do it... and colors, it's so hard to say! I love the purples you have here but the red/blue one doesn't quite do it. I think all the hats I've bought in the past few years were solid, with one or two that had an intricate pattern..

  2. I think the first one is the best in all aspects: color, thickness and length of the fold-over. But I'm not sure I represent the public in general, haha.

    Hope you're having a beautiful Tuesday, Kirsten!

  3. I feel like thinner hats would sit more nicely, or hang nicely if there WERE extra space? But I like the idea and the look of the thicker ones :$ If I'm thinking cold weather I might as well think full on cozy right! ;P

    I like the look of the two colours best I think.
    ANDDD i think the smaller fold over? :)
    Lovely hats heheh i like the colours


  4. i prefer thinner hats rather than thicker. i think because i have big (ish) hair? but I do really like the coloring with the two yarns.... such a hard decision.

    also, my head is much bigger than those hats. actually, no. again, its not my head, its my hair. maybe i just have hair issues....




  5. I like both! As for the fold over, not too long. Somewhere right in the middle. I like solid color more than multi colored to wear everyday. I'll wear multicolored when I'm feeling sassy :D

  6. As someone who will be buying hundreds of these, I just like hats. All varieties for different purposes, depending on so many things.

  7. I really like them both. The thicker ones are super cute for when its extra cold, but I personally have been looking for one that looks like those thinner ones. You know they are a bit skater kid in the 1990s and i'm digging it. Gimme!

  8. I like the look of the two colors, thicker knit. And my personal opinion is leaning toward the shorter fold. But that's just me. I say offer both and then see which does better.

  9. These are really cute. I wish I had a need for a nice knit hat like this.

  10. These are amazing!!
    Personally, I love the thicker design with the larger fold over the best!
    As for colour, I can't decide.
    I'd have to buy two, one with two tones, one in a single hue.

    Georgia :) x