Saturday, July 7, 2012

Peter Pan

Saturday, July 7, 2012
Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

First sentence: "All children, except one, grow up."

Quote #1: "Stars are beautiful, but they may not take an active part in anything, they must just look on for ever. It is a punishment put on them for something they did so long ago that no star now knows what it was. So the older ones have become glassy-eyed and seldom speak (winking is the star language), but the little ones still wonder."

Quote #2: "To die will be an awfully big adventure."

Quote #3: "If you knew how great is a mother's love," Wendy told them triumphantly, "you would have no fear."

Last sentence: "When Margaret grows up she will have a daughter, who is to be Peter's mother in turn; and so it will go on, so long as children are gay and innocent and heartless."

Surprisingly - I typically love my classics - I didn't like this book. There are a handful of quotes I found great, but the story didn't read smoothly or encourage much daydreaming. I grew up watching Hook with my brothers and love that story. I hadn't seen most of the Disney movies - save Pocahontas and Jungle Book - until my late teens, so I was never aware of the Peter Pan story. I didn't really care for it. Just my opinion.

Next up: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson


  1. Such a good point about it not reading smoothly and the lack of daydreaming encouragement however that cover is so lovely i want it just so it sits on my book shelf and looks whimsical! Cant wait for your girl with the.... review! xx Elly @ jazzlipsandtulips Ps. Newest follower yay!

  2. I've never read Peter Pan, but I downloaded it for free on my iPad and I'm thinking of reading it while I'm in Hawaii next week. HOWEVER: I was Peter Pan in my fifth grade elementary school production of said play.

  3. I've never read Peter Pan, but I was able to download it for free on my iPad so I might read it on my ELEVEN HOUR PLANE RIDE to Hawaii on Thursday. Oh gawd.

    Anyway, little fact about me: I played the part of Peter Pan in the school play when I was in fifth grade. And I killed it.

  4. That's so funny that the book didn't encourage daydreaming!

    By the way, love your new profile pic on the left.

  5. Great post !

    I will check it out some day as well always learned the story from the film haha I do like the illustration of the book :)

    Just stopped by your blog!
    Loved it instantly so I have no choice but to follow you around!!

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



  6. I always got a kind of unsettling feeling from the books... it seems to show a bit of the darker side of Disney, like the feeling you get from stories like Hansel and gretal? Nevertheless I would pick it up again just for that beautiful cover! Nice blog:)