Saturday, June 9, 2012

Meet the Robin-sons

Saturday, June 9, 2012
We found a nest! In the pear tree in the backyard of my parent's house sits a robin's nest. I never saw it when it was full of eggs (unfortunately, because robin's eggs are so pretty) but I've been watching the babies for a few days now. I think there are three. They overlap and lay so close it's sometimes hard to tell.

This was the first picture I took of the nest. They were so tiny! I made sure to cover it back up so predators couldn't see in. I did scare the mom away accidentally a few times, though.

You count three beaks, right? They're so perfect. In the earlier days when I saw them they had their heads straight up and their beaks wide open, ready to be fed.

Here's the mama. With worms and maggots galore. Hopefully when I go over tomorrow they're flying! [This post was written awhile ago. Robin update: they are out of the nest! I haven't seen them in the backyard yet, though.]

Mowgli's been giving me some looks. She probably thinks I'm crazy spending so much time on a ladder next to the tree.


  1. AHHHH i love birds. especially baby birds in nests close to my home. In a total "i'm not a bird creeper" way of course.

    Great photos!
    & I'm liking the looks of the layout change ;)


  2. Mowgli: "Um...we need to talk...about you."

    The robins are so cute!! I see robins around here every once in a while, but I've never seen a nest. In my area, we have a lot of ospreys. They build big nests on platforms on top of telephone poles and sometimes we see them flying into their nests when we're driving home.

  3. Aww! The little baby robins are adorable. I LOVE the photo of Mowgli. She's a beautiful girl!

  4. Wow! These are all awesome shots, Kirsten! And Mogwli is SO freaking cute, haha!

    Hope you have a great week! ;D