Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some Birds and Catch-up

Thursday, April 19, 2012
{A little bluebird in the neighbor's tree.}

I've never had such a busy month in my life. I've been wrapping up projects for my classes and starting the "final" projects. I've been traveling a little and baking for my dad's birthday party. And in the last week I've developed a terrific sinus infection. I'm plagued with these year-round and this one came at a horrible time.

{Another bluebird on our fence. Just before sunset the birds were everywhere!}

I've been developing my plans for 909 (new patterns, major shop updates and future craft show plans) and trying to make time to sew and crochet. However, my lack of good sleep, headaches, and first priority being my schooling has pushed 909 to the wayside.

{A beautiful male cardinal who stared me down.}

I feel the sinus infection slowly retreating and my last final is on May 2, so things are going to get muuuch smoother (I say this, but things never quite seem "smooth" do they?) come early May.

I'm really excited about some of my updates and cool opportunities I'm getting (thanks to Emily!).

Ooo! One more thing: if you have any suggestions on point-and-shoot cameras, that would be amazing. I'm replacing my 5-year-old Olympus and would love your input!

Hope everyone's been doing amazing! Stick around for exciting junk.


  1. I wish we had bluebirds here, they're sooo pretty!
    Looking forward to see all the updates and stuff! I too have been suffering a cold or sinus infection or something and exactly at the worst timing too :( Feel better soon!


  2. Hi, Kirsten! It's nice to read from you again ;). These birds are so beautiful; you must live in a very cool neighborhood.

    Hope you get rid of the sinus infection soon!

    Have a wonderful day! ;D


  3. Wow, that dude is CHECKING YOU OUT. Casey has competition. He better step up his A game.

    And you're welcome! Also, look into a Canon Powershot. I have one, my mom has one, and my friends have had them too. It was my best friend at the end of high school when we all indulged in ridiculous amounts of narcissism and took tons of pictures of ourselves.

  4. wow! i've never seen birds like this! great shots! where do you live?

    ps: thanks for your comments! :-)