Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sir Elton John

Sunday, April 22, 2012
I still remember thrift shopping with my mom a few months ago and hearing the radio commercial for "Elton John solo" and seeing the look of "WE HAVE TO GO" on my mom's face. My dad bought the three of us tickets for my mom's birthday (which is today). We got "limited view" tickets, which were the cheapest and the "limited view" printed right on the ticket scared us all a bit. We got there extremely early (after eating at Biaggi's) and found our seats... I didn't zoom for the picture above. I guess this is limited view... I thought it was perfect view. Granted, we didn't get to see his face a lot of the time, but I love watching peoples' hands when playing piano. We couldn't believe the luck we had. I got the end seat (no one next to me!) and no one was directly behind me either. Perfect seat for a boundaries person.

Since we got there so early I was able to walk around and get pictures of the big screens on either side of the stage (which we were behind and thus only saw backwards) and I was able to zoom close enough to read the set list!

The show was sold out. And I don't remember seeing an empty seat by the time he got into the third song. (Idiot people were still trying to find seats when he'd already started. I don't understand that. But I rarely understand human behavior. And this is why I will never be a therapist. I don't want to hear about your stupid life and decision to show up late to an Elton John concert.)

I had issues getting any pictures in focus. I could blame my camera or shaky hands, but meh. I took 153 pictures and got some gems, so whatever. He was so amazing. I won't pretend I know every Elton John song by heart and I won't pretend I ordinarily care for live music, but this concert was perfect. He is the most talented piano player I've ever witness (besides Chico Marx). Not to mention his voice...

This was my favorite lighting. He played every song you'd want Elton John to play. I was only disappointed (being a child of the 1990s) that he didn't play "Circle of Life" from the Lion King.

But then he did. In the encore. And he played Can You Feel the Love Tonight and everyone died. And that was that.

So last night was pretty great for me. Hope it was for you, too! Today is my mom's birthday, so I ate homemade enchiladas and cake. I finished all the work for one of my classes and am trying to get chunks for the other classes done here and there. I've got pages and pages of sketches and ideas for 909 and the blog, so stick around!

Have an excellent Sunday evening! (I will because I don't have my morning classes tomorrow!)


  1. Your pictures are so good! I wondered how the "limited view" seats would be. But, it looks like you guys still had a good view. Plus he seemed to acknowledge that area a lot!

    My mom and my grandparents and I got there early too! I was glad because the parking lot alone was crazy after so I can only imagine all the people that were late all trying to get in at once! Seriously, who sows up late to SIR ELTON JOHN?!

    It was such a great concert. I seriously wonder how people our age can call some of what they listen to real music, especially after seeing Elton John perform 3 hours straight with only his piano and his voice. I'm glad you had a great time too!


    Funny story: I was a seat-filler at the Tonys the year Elton performed for Billy Elliot and managed to stay in an orchestra seat for the bulk of the show. I saw Elton before the show started, but I didn't see his performance AT ALL (I only heard it) because my seat really did have limited view. I didn't see an entire half of the stage because I was so far off to the side. Unfortunately, that side of the stage that I couldn't see was the side Elton was on. Boo.

    But this sounds great! I'm glad you enjoyed the live music and heckling latecomers.

  3. Happy belated birthday to your mom! :) And wow, you guys got amazing seats! Seeing your favorite bands live AND sitting on great seats is the best!

    Oh, and I don't understand why people show up to shows either! It's frustrating and disrespectful.

    Hope you've started the week off with a huge smile, Kirsten! :D



  4. Hi, Kirsten! It's me again :). Thanks for dropping by. And yes, you should definitely plan a trip outside the US! And if you ever decide to visit Argentina, I'll prepare a list of interesting and cool places to visit, hehe :p.

    Oh, and if you like creepy places, yes, Bombay Beach in SoCal is the place to go, hahaha!

    Hope you're having a great day! ;D