Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Requested Kikwis

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Last month my friend Patrick e-mailed me about making some plushes for him. He's my favorite person to make things for because of his love of anime. I don't claim to know much about anime, but I follow his blog and think everything's so awesome, so it's fun learning about the characters and figuring out how to make them. These Kikwis are from Zelda (which I did play waaaaaay-hay-hay back in the day on the old Gameboys).

{He wanted one for his girlfriend and one for himself.}

The biggest difficulty was the backside, but I figured out a way to incorporate the "growth." If you're curious what they truly look like, click here for the image I used. 

This project inspired me to start working on some plushes for the shop. I've got a few drawings on my new pattern book, so hopefully those will pop up in the future!

Here's Patrick and his girlfriend with all their plushes. I made the two Kikwis (obviously) and the cat in the middle back. :]

Are there any animals or characters you think would make cute plushes? I want to step outside the box (which is overflowing with bears and cats).


  1. Awe, they look exactly the same as in the photo! Great job! Your friend must be thrilled! ;)

    Happy Tuesday, Kirsten! ;D

  2. SO CUTE! You are very talented. I'm going to thinking of all the adorable plushies you could make! :)


  3. Oh my gosh haha these are fantastic!! LOVE them!
    If I were you I'd go down the totally do like different breeds of dogs - I can just imagine an adorable plush pug done in this style! (But then again I'm obsessed with pugs so don't take my word for it....)


  4. Oh my goodness - these are so cute!!!

  5. Oh my! My boyfriend will go crazy if he sees one of these! They are super cute! :)

  6. These are far too cute. Gorgeous x