Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Pittsburgh Zoo

Thursday, March 22, 2012
When I asked Casey if there was any animal he wanted a picture of, he said "gorillas." So we ended up spending a lot of time at the gorilla enclosure.

Especially after we noticed something. Look closely to the picture above...

Did you see the baby? I was taking pictures for so long before I spotted him/her. My mom spent five minutes trying to communicate to the mom that she needed to support the baby's head.

These polar bears were the best. The one in the back was doing some kind of rhythmic (no, really...he had rhythm) dance. And the one in front had a routine, too. He'd walk up to the glass and almost do a sassy head roll as he walked back the other direction.

The weather was really great. It stayed sunny and cool enough so it wasn't miserable (I'm not a fan of hot weather). All the animals were out and seemed content enough. That's more than I can say for our trip to the Columbus zoo... but more on that later.

What's the best zoo you've been to?


  1. Awww I LOVE all of these photos! The mom & baby is so sweet.

  2. Sick photos! I love how human gorillas look, especially in these photos!
    And the picture with the kid's head and the shark above it is really neat!!

    Best zoo... well I went to a feline zoo in France a few years ago when I was travelling there, it was super special (probably because its the only Zoo I've been to other than the main Toronto zoo in my city). So neat seeing so many different type of felines though!


  3. Oh, my! So many fierce animals from so close! :) I haven't been to the zoo in years :/.

    Hope you have an awesome weekend, Kirsten!

  4. I've been to the Bronx Zoo, but that was a really long time ago. I really don't remember it. The pictures are great!

  5. Hi, Kirsten! Just popping in to see what you were up to and to say happy midweek! ;D Hope you have a great day!