Monday, March 12, 2012

iPad Cases!

Monday, March 12, 2012
I got my dummy iPad in the mail (and had 1,000 issues with it - it wasn't advertised as "used and absolutely covered in deep scratches). But it sat around for awhile as I'd had some sort of problem with getting my sewing machine out and WORKING.

A few days ago I was determined to come up with a version 1 for an iPad case. I'm starting to keep a super precise pattern book and keep all my patterns exact and uniform. I enjoy math...I'm that weird kid who would have rather taken math classes than drawing classes and though I consider myself creative, I'm also a fan of precision and numbers. ANYWAY. I came up with this pattern. Picture #1 shows the first try. It was far too small... so my numbers were dummies. Picture #2 shows the second case, which was roomier than I liked, so...

Meet try #3. It fits perfectly! The flaps a bit crooked, but that's easily fixed. In later versions (that will be featured in the shop) I'm going to add pockets or some kind of embellishments. If I have any iPad owners out there, would you tell me what sort of things you carry with your iPad? What sort of things should I make this case capable of carrying? I'd love to know!

But I'm happy with how this turned out. I love using velcro, and haven't made anything as of late that needed it.

Versions 1, 2 and 3! I can't believe I had the will power to whip these all out in one day. Typically if I make a failure I get frazzled and try again later.

I'd love to hear ideas about what kind of pockets/embellishments would be good to do.

I've got a new version of a cosmetics bag to show off sometime as well, so watch out for that.

Happy Monday night!


  1. :O three in one day? That's hard working ;) I love the little surprise polkadot pattern on the inside flap!

    I don't own one but my family does, I think the only thing we really carry with it might be the charger if anything!


  2. Wow, Kirsten! Great job! I'm SO not skillful with thread and needle that I can't even imagine pulling two cases off ... ever, haha. I had to sew a hem on Friday and that's pretty much all the experience I have. I'm crossing my fingers it'll last for a few weeks, hehe. In the past, my mom used to do all the sewing for me; when she passed away, my sister helped me and now that I'm all alone here, I have no choice but to try doing things myself.

    You have a gift and it's a good one ;).

    Hope you've started the week off with a smile! ;D


  3. I don't own an iPad yet, but I'm thinking about what I would carry with it. Maybe a pocket (on the outside) to hold a USB/charge cord? I've already mentioned that I want my future iPad case to have a zipper :)

  4. These are so cute!!! I like the velcro idea.