Monday, March 19, 2012

Holland, MI

Monday, March 19, 2012
So as many of you may know, my brother Ben and I went on a day-trip to Holland, Michigan two weeks ago for our spring break. The weather on the drive there was pretty dismal, but the day ended up being awesome. No family squabbling or sour-puss episodes. We saw this...interesting...water tower? Ben insisted I take a picture.

Our entire day we kept seeing signs for this "Windmill Island" and thought we might as well follow them to this apparently noteworthy destination. And we laughed because it wasn't really noteworthy at all. Maybe in spring when the tulips the town is famous for are blooming? Let's hope.

{We visited a park.}

We ended up getting a little lost close to the coast (of Lake Michigan). Fortunately we stumbled upon a cool little town with amazing houses up in the hills overlooking the harbor area.

Although most of the trip was unplanned, Ben did look up a nature area before we left. There were biting winds so we didn't stay long, but we did get to see elk! I'd never seen on in real life before. I've been seeing so many animals lately that I'd never seen before.

But the best part (in my opinion) was what we did before heading home. We wanted to see a lighthouse that Ben had read about, so we took a road for what seemed like too long (judging by the directions he had). Initially we thought the lighthouse had been torn down or we took a wrong turn, but then we saw the beach.

{It was right at sunset and absolutely beautiful.}

The lighthouse was anticlimactic, but seeing the beach made up for it. We could have used some extra layers, but it really didn't seem to matter to Ben.

Who swam.

We're planning on coming back with our family and Casey sometime in the coming months. I've made it a new personal goal to swim in each of the great lakes. I'm going to start from scratch because I don't remember my last times swimming in Michigan or Eerie.

Anyway, that was my spring break mini-vacation. I'll post about my Pittsburgh trip and other exciting stuff later this week!

Hope everyone's enjoying the early hot weather and happy almost spring!


  1. This place looks really cool! There are so many interesting spots to visit in the US!

    Hope you've started the week off with a huge smile, Kirsten! ;D

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  3. HE SWAM?! For real? LOL I get cold just at the thought holy cow!

    Beaches at sunset are so cliché but for a reason - because they're AHmazing. I love them. Especially with lighthouses, but that's just a bonus point. :) Great photos!