Thursday, February 23, 2012


Thursday, February 23, 2012
{I've been in a funk lately, so my mom and I did a little shopping.}

{And she surpised me with this Alice in Wonderland mug. The inside's red! Like I'm drinking blood.}

{I completed a New Year's resolution at Asakusa in Fort Wayne!}

{And I didn't wimp out. I ate most of this plate.}

Confession: I really wanted my $14.59 back. T'was not a fan. HOWEVER, I plan on trying other sorts before I give up on sushi all together. I'd love to hear suggestions from sushi lovers!

{I finished Catching Fire.}

A lot of people told me the books get better as they go, but I didn't agree. I'm half into Mockingjay (a title I really can't stand) and still love the Hunger Games best. But they're all good, for sure. I've been slow going because my American Literature class has me swamped.

{A funny typo in a local mailer.}

I actually sewed today! I made a new product for the shop. The version I made needs some fixin's, but I really like it. So expect that post tomorrow or Saturday!

Happy Thursday, everyone. Let me know your favorite sushi...bits? What do you call different types of sushi? Variations. Sure. Tell me that.


  1. Sushi: California rolls, shrimp tempura rolls, and avocado/cucumber rolls are all simpler rolls that I find are good for people who don't particularly like much seafood! I love love love sushi agh now I'm craving some o4qithglahdc.

    Shopping with moms is always such good way to lift your spirits, I do the same thing with my momma!


  2. Wow, that was a pretty advanced plate for a sushi newbie. I'd try really simple rolls next time and then get creative. Some of my favorites are spicy ANYTHING rolls, sweet potato tempura rolls (okay, not fish but still wonderful), salmon sushi (or any other fish. I happen to enjoy salmon).

    Tom loves the eel but I actually really can't stand it. Avocado with sushi just grosses me out.

    Better luck next time!

  3. What a cute make-up set! As for sushi,as a daughter of a Japanese man, I can't stand its western versions! In my opinion, avocado and Philadelphia cheese do not belong in sushi AT ALL. It makes sushi taste ... not like sushi, haha. My favorite is tuna sashimi with white rice (no seaweed, sesame seeds, just the basic stuff). If you don't like raw fish, though, I don't think you should force it. There are so many other great things in Japanese cuisine (or any other for the matter) that there's no need to eat something you don't enjoy ;).

  4. Hi,

    It is sad about sushi because I think most people try to eat it because others do or it is some cultural thing to do.

    Bottom Line: Do you like your red meat rare or bloody? If the answer is yucky NO! Then you should not consider sushi.

    The way you warm up to sushi is: years of rare steaks, then you discover rare yellow fin tuna as a fish dinner. You realize it is actually a mysterious step BEYOND the rare filet Mignon!

    In no time you will be eating your Yellow Fin Lightly Seared which is basically sushi.

    THEN, you try sushi, the tuna is a slam dunk and you move onto the common fishes like salmon and yellow tail. Note that Red Snapper is common but actually a weird sushi fish since it is almost a "crunchy" texture when chewing. Crunchy and rare fillet do not go together in my book. Octopus and Squid are quite crunchy but for some reason, that is OK. Mackerel is basically sardines and not a good choice in my book.

    Uni, sea urchin, is very difficult because it is difficult to eat fresh. And if it is not fresh, DO NOT ATTEMPT. I was at a sushi restaurant where I was familiar with the staff and the owner asked me if I would like some uni. I said no thankyou and that the first time I had uni was the last time I had it. She laughed and said that was because it was not fresh. So I tried it. But it was a very strange flavor - imagine - I thought it would go good with maple syrup. You tell me?

    Sweet shrimp (raw) is incredibly sweet and hard to find.

    Avocado and Cream Cheese absolutely do not belong in sushi. To anyone who actually likes that stuff, maybe they should try dunking their sushi in ketchup. The California Roll is an abomination and I'll leave it at that w/o any comments on the actual state of CA.

    JUST REMEMBER: If you don't like rare steak, forget the sushi.