Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bow Makeup Case

Sunday, February 26, 2012
Since February brought a huuuuge lull in sales, I figured I'd better get started on new items early. I wanted make-up cases in the shop, but was unimpressed with the last ones I made, or at least the lack of sales they brought. Anyway, I present: bow makeup cases. I'm so imaginative with names.

I have kinks to work out. This is version 1. The middle of the bow drives me insane. Definitely going to fix that.

But I like the handle and the idea of it.

Plus it fits all the makeup I plan on traveling with next month.

I went to Joann's yesterday and found some amazing fabric for version 2. The outside fabric is thinner (version 1 is very stiff and looks odd when full of products). Hopefully I'll work out kinks and find things to improve upon.

Since I'm not doing anything for spring break, I'll get plenty of time to sew and crochet. ALSO: I finally got my dummy iPad in the mail, so expect some iPad cases in the future as well!

Enjoy your Sundays! I'm headed to my parent's later for a turkey dinner.


  1. Lulls in sales are really depressing. But sometimes I welcome them because I don't have all my jewelry with me here in the city so I have to take the train home every time I get an order. It will be so much easier to run my business when I move back home.

    The makeup cases look great! I'm excited to see version 2 with funky fabrics.

  2. Ouu ouu I love the design of this, especially the coloured zipper detail and the general shape of the bow! Really cute!