Monday, February 20, 2012

Bison and Bald Eagles

Monday, February 20, 2012
If it's not been evident on my blog thus far, I'm a fan of animals. I especially like ones with fur on four legs. I've never seen a bison in person (especially not up close). So when my mom told me that in my hometown (Huntington, IN) she found a bunchuh bison, I was pretty excited.

And there were a bunch of bison. I'm going back once the weather's warmer. They were so cool. I really wanted to hug them but my mom had qualms about me even getting out of the car (you bet your ass I did though).

The main purpose of the excursion was for BALD EAGLES! My mom and Becky are huge bird fans and were in a reservoir in Huntington and saw about 8 bald eagles. When I went with my mom we saw about 3. I had never seen one in the wild, just two sick ones in an aviary in Pittsburgh.

I didn't get the greatest of pictures because we only spotted them across the river and I had to find tiny openings between branches (my camera was more interested in focusing on tree branches than giant birds). But it was really awesome. My mom had binoculars, so we were bird nerds for an afternoon.

We also spotted a blue heron. He didn't move for the longest time (perfect for pictures) but was in a horrible spot (branch-wise).

The snow's kind of cool too, I guess.

And I'd like to take this spot to thank my mom for buying me these waterproof boots. I got them a year ago and never wore them until that bison/bald eagle day. They were SO NICE. I'm definitely going to put them to more use in NATURE.

ALSO: I want to brag for one moment. While I don't get to go anywhere during my college's spring break, my mom, Becky and I are going back to the Pittsburgh aviary in March! I have only been to Pittsburgh once, but absolutely loved it. I'm pretty excited. And we never go anywhere without first mapping where all the best shopping spots are, so it's not just bird watching. That would be ludicrous.

-End Brag-

Hopefully in a few months I'll be able to get better pictures of both the bison and the eagles to share.

I hope everyone's enjoying the awesome weather (if you are in fact having good weather). I'm off to try sushi for the first time!


  1. I love bald eagles! I saw them when I went with my parents to Alaska and they were magnificent.

    Enjoy the sushi! Tom got me into it. Raw salmon is sooooo goood.

  2. This is amazing! My boyfriends Dad lives in Colorado and we go out once a year - on our first day driving back from the airport we saw a bald eagle chillin on a fence post it was amazing. Being not from America, we felt like we were being welcomed by like, America.

    Also, BISONS!

  3. I love your boots! ;) And I'd love it if snowed here in Cali :p. Seeing bison must have been so exciting!