Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Aqua Wood Grain

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
If you've been following my blog or shop for any amount of time at all, you'll know I like my change. I'm also kind of a perfectionist. I like my Etsy pictures to have the same backgrounds and look nice all together and have the same lighting and fleh fleh. Well my last grouping of pictures wasn't cutting it. I went to MENARDS (a hardware/lumber) store. BY MYSELF. And I bought some plywood and spray paint and made a new background for the shop and blog. One side is this aqua color and the other is a lavender, which you'll see tomorrow (there's going to be another slight change that you might label me crazy for).

I really like how the shop looks now. Though the backgrounds aren't clones of each other, they are close enough to satisfy me. For now.

I even modeled (kind of) for the headbands. I desperately needed a picture of them on a human form, and wasn't about to use Casey, so I just DID IT. You know I'm desperate when I'm willing to put a picture of myself on the internet.

I also finally listed the Harry Potter-inspired iPhone 4 cases. I've had the iPod Touch ones up for ages, but had never found the time to make and list the iPhone 4 ones. Thus far, those are the only new additions, but I have plans!

Shop here and keep your fingers crossed for me. I have to write a paper for one stickler (in all aspects) of a professor.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Fleh fleh.

    I LOVE the wood background. It gives me ideas for my photos in the future.