Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Rearrangement of 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
If you've been reading my blog for ..really any time at all you'll probably know I love rearranging furniture. I've been in my current apartment with Casey for just about half a year and our living room has changed about 4 times... is it 4 or 5? One of those. You may think that's sad, but you're wrong. Change is great.

ANYWAY. I rearranged our living room for 2012. I'm only showing my desk space because that's all I'm satisfied with right now.

I have maybe 56 different organizing tools and constantly rotate them between my desk, vanity and bedroom (it probably drives Casey insane). But I like what I've done with this.

This entire post makes me sound really crazy.

I might as well pour it all out:

I started a checklist of all the states in the US and countries I've shipped to.  This week alone I made sales to France and Sweden; two new countries. According to my list I've shipped to 35/50 states and 10 countries outside the US. I think that's really awesome, and am even going to print out a map and color in the places I've shipped to. Because I'm 12 and really cool.

I have some more exciting news I'll be announcing either later this week or next week, too.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I want to start a checklist like that! Maybe I'll post a new page on my blog of which states I've shipped to. I'll tackle that first...I haven't shipped to too many countries.

  2. Don't worry - I'm usually the same way, but right now I have none of said organizing tools and my entire desk is taken up by junk except for a space big enough for my elbows, my laptop, and a few empty mugs from hot drinks. Sigh. I really have to clean....

    Congrats on the shipping excitement! I'd be excited too.. and I might do the same thing.... In fact I probably would.... :)