Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Big News!

Saturday, January 14, 2012
This, my friends, is the news I've been withholding for a few weeks now.  I waited for good weather for good pictures, but good weather is prudish. So to hell with good pictures and we'll focus on good content. Like boring blogs do.

A few weeks ago I was e-mailed about selling 909 Cherry products in a local coffee shop/arts and crafts boutique. Let me first mention how much I've wanted to sell my stuff at this place, but have been intimidated to ask. So I was asked. I was pretty flattered. When I say "pretty" flattered, read "really". For local readers (this means my brother Ben, who I know reads my blog - but already knows my news) it's the Firefly Coffee House!

A little background: I've been to said coffee house once in high school with my friend Alice. I felt out of place amongst "cool-coffee-drinking-college kids". Well, now that I'm a college kid, I haven't returned. This is due to the fact that I collect Gelly Roll gel pens and haven't developed the mature tongue necessary to drink coffee and not let it dribble down my chin.

Anyway, I was asked to make small batches of my best selling products. I tried to stick to a color scheme - the pencil cases failed, but they were my favorite fabrics. (The top is from Lauren! I ration those fabrics she gave me because they're so cool.)

Since my stuff would be for sale in an almost strictly Indiana-living-customer-based place, I finally made some cases I've been wanting to make: state cases.  I love maps and memorizing capitals and recognizing state shapes, so great job being cool, me. These are two iPod Touch cases. I'm going to package them craft-fair style. For some reason when people touch my crocheted items they get the urge to just PULL the sh%# out of the stitches and it really baffles me. So I put them in clear bags and staple them closed. Though god knows these pullers have no issue with ripping carefully printed labels and crinkling pristine plastic bags. Just...quit doing that.

Of course I couldn't leave out the iPhone 4 people. But of course in saying that I do leave out the people who have phones other than the iPhone 4, which is probably a much larger margin. But alas, I feel nothing.

My latest "decent seller": the headwrap. I wish my head wasn't strangely shaped so I could wear headbands/wraps. It just slides off. Like a cone head. And I refuse to be that person who physically pins hats or even headbands to my head. If you have to pin your hat on... oh no. It's not serving a purpose.

Me being me, when I heard I needed to tag my items, I made some fancy tags. I also wrote the information in Gelly Roll gel pens. My god, writing blog posts in the morning makes me really honest and makes me sound like a great friend to have in third grade (I'm looking at you, RasAmen Oladewa).

Anyway, that's my news. I'm officially taking my stuff over there on Monday. I'll get to have a section in my "shop" link at the top that tells you where to buy IN STORE. I'm crying.

In an attempt to make my blog shine truer to me, I'm not even going to edit this post. Enjoy my morning ramblings and celebrate with me on this joyous day. Casey and I literally have tortilla chips and pancakes in our kitchen. That's it. So I'm going to celebrate by fasting and pretending I'm eating a chimichanga.

Happy MLK Jr. long weekend, everyone!


  1. CONGRATS! It's great to be recognized by local businesses, especially nifty ones you look up to. Bravo!

  2. That is SO exciting!! Congrats :D You must be absolutely over the moon!!
    As for the post... uhm, you can be my third grade best friend any day. I totally laughed reading this, in a great kind of way of course ;)

    Keep up the great work :)

  3. Congratulations! Now I can comment on this! Because I am home! I've always wanted to get my stuff in a shop for realz. You're one step ahead of me. Lord knows when I'll actually be able to get my café/boutique going.

  4. I would love to see more stuff with Indiana on it!