Thursday, January 12, 2012

A 909 Facelift

Thursday, January 12, 2012
As is my usual form, I got tired of the old 909 branding. So I gave it a facelift. I really got in there and cut stuff up and injected foreign objects and more metaphors that are quasi-related to surgical facelifts. My reason for the facelift at this time was based on THE EXCITING NEWS I'M BEING TOTALLY ANNOYING ABOUT but will probably update on this weekend.

I also spent a little money on this incredibly fancy $5 bin for my envelopes. Really great cool news, huh? As you'll see on the top shelf, I have giant school books. I've had to read a lot already in this first week, so there hasn't been a lot of time for sewing and stuff.  Last night I came up with a lot of really great ideas for 909 in the future. I'm planning a rather sizable update in the coming months. [So of course I'm having a clearing shelves sale. Use code CLEARSHELVES ( really creative, me) to get 20% off!]

I also took some time to clean Louie's cage and take some pictures of him (still only 1 out of 156 are in focus 'cause the little guy won't stop moving and my camera is junk). I'll include those in a later post. But this was to document a clean cage and floor. Louie absolutely loves burrowing like a madman and getting what I call "Louie Chips" all over the shelves and floor.

Take advantage of the sale and have a great Thursday. Indiana's expecting some snow. Great.

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