Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Updates and Blab

Thursday, December 8, 2011
I'm working on a shadow box for my dad for Christmas. He loves hockey, so I'm going to fill a black shadowbox frame with 4 plushes with team logos and the NHL logo (which is my favorite). Definitely excited for how this turns out.

I have MOST of my presents wrapped now. I have yet to receive some in the mail, but am happy to have them made/bought and wrapped and under the tree.

I made a pretty sizable sale on Etsy this morning so I figured I'd treat myself to a little Marshall's visit. Yes, I spent some money on others. I found something for Casey and found this wallet (one I've been eyeing for weeks) on sale! $20 for an originally $95 DKNY wallet. So of course I bought it.

AND I got my package from Berkley Illustrations! My dad is a huge fan of sloths, and I've loved Berkley Illustrations shop for awhile. So... finally got to make a purchase. I got him this little magnet. He's also pretty athletic, so that doesn't hurt.

Also at Marshall's I found this. I've wanted one of those "Destroy This Journal"y things for awhile and found this in clearance for $3. I love lists. Pretty ready to get started on this.

(PS: I finished my last class of the semester! Just three finals left next week and then I'm done until January! So happy.)

Hope everyone's last day of the work/school week goes amazingly!

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  1. I love the wallet!!! Yea for handmade gifts they are the best :)

    I hope you have a great weekend