Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflecting on 2011 and Looking Forward to 2012

Saturday, December 31, 2011
I remember reflecting on 2010 around this time last year. I thought about all the serious downs and paramount highs. I thought that was the year I was thrust into adulthood. I had graduated college, started making huge life decisions completely on my own, turned 19. I didn't realize until I read through my 2011 daily lines (I keep a journal where I record 1-5 lines of simply what I did or how I felt that day - I do this everyday) that I pushed through more this year than I think I did all my previous formative years. Here's a little reflection:

1. I completed my first two semesters of college.
2. I celebrated two years of friendship/partnership with my boyfriend Casey.
3. I started writing this blog in order to gain a wider audience for my shop.
4. I left my teenaged years (at least the number part) completely behind. I'm 20.
5. I was featured in the Designers of Tumblr magazine. My first feature anywhere.
6. I moved out of my parents house. For good.
7. I learned what it is to share a life with someone. The give and take.
8. I left Local Color behind and started fresh with 909 Cherry.
9. I became mother to a hamster.
10. I completed two craft shows and learned more about my target audience.
11. I became more aware of what I want, who I am (there's corn everywhere), and why I am that way.

I went through a lot of junk this year, but came out on the right end every time. I passed every class I took, I didn't try to take back my decision to move out, I strengthened bonds with my family, Casey and my oldest friends.

And though today is a day of reflection, it's also a day to look forward and leave the past behind. To learn from what you've done, but try to do better. I have my usual list of resolutions/goals. I have a tab set up at the top of my blog to keep track of everything. It's easier when you have other people watching you too. So... for 2012:

1. Keep careful track of expenses/purchases.
2. Achieve weight loss goal #1.
3. Read at least 12 books.
4. Get to 400 Etsy sales (total).
5. Keep up with food/exercise log.
6. Do 10 completely new things.
7. Get all As or Bs in spring and fall semester classes.
8. Conquer fear of the YMCA gym.
9. Drink 64 oz. of water everyday.
10. Come up with 5 new products for the shop.

I also think I should start taking more pictures of myself - I've found that as I'm focusing so much on "family photos", I'm getting left out of every one. I need to document my own growth, right? Here's to 2011 and to 2012. And to making this a good year to die at the end of. But in all sincerity, find a good party, and toast to the new year. (PS: I'd love to know your resolutions or goals, too!)


  1. It seems like 2011 was a big turning point for both of us. It's amazing everything that can happen in just a year.

  2. One of my resolutions is to keep a drawing journal - so basically a diary with both drawings AND words. I'm an illustration student so it's a helpful goal for me on many levels!

    I love your resolution to conquer your fear of the gym - I'm totally the same way and I really should try and get over my fear of exercising in public!
    Happy New Year!


  3. I'm so proud of you and all that you've accomplished this year. :-D

    In 2012 I'm going to:
    -Write more
    -Read more
    -Get back into running
    -Eat more fruits and vegetables
    -Actively pursue my dreams