Thursday, December 1, 2011

General "Mad" Anthony Wayne

Thursday, December 1, 2011
In my art appreciation (yes, it sounds terribly boring) class in college we were asked to write a report on a statue or monument in our city. The first one I thought of was this memorial of Anthony Wayne, a Revolutionary War general and the the "Wayne" in Fort Wayne.

Cover your children's eyes: This statue has balls on it. I didn't take a picture because people would have judged me. But I think 90% of the pictures taken of this statue are taken of the horse's horse-sized package. There happen to be a lot of children living in this city. And I guess that's just a hilarious thing to take a picture of. Okay, it's safe now.

It turns out it's also the HQ of Occupy Fort Wayne. Or at least their tents. There were no protesters at the time we went.

In the background of this picture is the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. I should have gotten pictures of the rest of Freimann Square, where this statue is. It's pretty beautiful as "squares" go. I like having assignments sending me downtown. I have a few more posts in the works that highlight downtown "hotspots".

More of Fort Wayne to come!

PS: Happy December!


  1. Is he called "Mad" because his horse has MAD BALLS? Or maybe HE has mad balls.

  2. We actually have a street. Called Mad Anthony Drive. haha