Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011 Recap

Thursday, December 29, 2011
Christmas at the Renzes is a pretty laid-back affair. We don't dress up or have people over (save Casey, who was our first guest in the history of Renz Christmases). The lighting in our living room is just awful, so my pictures were pretty lackluster. I did manage to get three that weren't unblogable. I had to include the above picture. That shadowbox was the present I was most excited to give this year. My dad loves hockey, so I sewed an NHL logo, Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiennes and Chicago Blackhawks logos and put them in a shadowbox. This genuine smile was amazing. My dad isn't one to pose for pictures, much less with a giant smile. So that was pretty awesome.

For Becky, I made an infinity scarf. She seemed to like the colors. She wore it the rest of the day, too.

I think this was the first year I got Alex something he 100% genuinely loved. I found this Bulls hat on Ebay and watched it like a hawk until the last second, when I snatched it for a seriously awesome price. He loved it.

I got other people in my family great things (or so I think), but didn't manage to get any good pictures. So pretend there are images of my mom, Ben and Casey looking super happy at how awesome I am at gift-giving. ANYWAY. I'm a curious person. I love to know what people get for Christmas. So it's only fair that I divulge some of the things I got. I was at the mall with my mom a few weeks back and saw this bag in Forever21. I've been needing a new school bag, so he just picked it up and bought it for me. I didn't see it until Christmas, but I love it just as much as I did a few weeks ago. I might even say I'm EXCITED for the spring semester because of this (also because I'm taking another lit. class).

It's kind of a deviation from who I've been all my life, but I LOVE Harajuku Lovers stuff. I have maybe 7 or 8 of the perfumes (the smaller size) and various other things. My mom found this notebook at Target and Super G perfume. 

You could say it's one of my favorite gifts.

You knew it was coming. I did get nail polish. I got 17 colors from Casey and my mom combined. Some were in value sets, I swear. My mom also got my a snapware box that fits nails polishes perfectly, so I'll be doing some alphabetizing later.

I wish the apartment's living room had better lighting, so I could show you this collection in all it's glory. Casey got me the Alice in Wonderland and To Kill a Mockingbird leather-bound classics from Barnes and Noble for my birthday this year. For Christmas, he got me Peter Pan and The Secret Garden (my absolute favorite book growing up). My mom got me Grimm's Fairy Tales, which I'm really excited to read considering I've been watching Once Upon a Time on Hulu. I got Casey King Arthur and The Swiss Family Robinson. So we have ourselves an awesome little collection going. The bookends were a PERFECT pre-Christmas present from Becky. I'm in love with them, and it was so thoughtful of her.

This was a great Christmas. I spent Christmas Eve and day with my family and Casey, and the following Monday at Casey's mom's house. I bonded with Casey's nephew Treavor and got to hold/meet his newest nephew Noah.

I really hope everyone else had a great holiday, too. I'm going to enjoy my remaining holiday break and  try to keep up with blogging again. As you can see, I spent a little time re-doing my blog theme. I'm really loving how it's looking so far. I have a few kinks to work out, but it's much more "me".

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  1. I love the new blog design!!! And you're not the only one who looks forward to a new semester just because of a new bag...

  2. I LOVE that purse. I think I need one of my own... and the nail polish....ohhhh boy!

  3. I'm really jealous of your leather-bound books!

  4. Oh my goodness...have you seen the Harajuku Mini stuff at Target? I know it's for kids and babies, but I am dying over it.