Monday, November 21, 2011

Westfield Craft Show

Monday, November 21, 2011
This is not a depressing post! I fully expected this to be an upbeat but "meh" review of the Westfield craft show. Considering my past 2 shows were awful, I had little expectation. HOWEVER. This was pretty awesome. Since I had an abundance of compliments and not so much money from the last show, my mom and I decided to log the compliments so I had something to walk away with. As the show went on I neglected that log and was making real sales! I sold at least one of everything I brought and then some. I got the price of the booth back and more. Phew. I'm not a craft show failure.

I decided I needed something new for this one (and with only a week between shows it had to be simple). I made some headbands which I featured in my previous post. They were a hit! Not only was a headband my first sale, I sold 4 more!

I changed up my set a bit and am happier with it than I was the last one. I also lowered my prices by a little.

Overall I'm very pleased. I don't know if I'll return next year because the booths are going to cost considerably more... but it's good to know I can succeed in a craft show setting.

And now I have a stack of cash to buy yarn with. I have some projects to tackle before Christmas.

I hope everyone's weekends went as well as mine (though weren't as hectic). This week I'll have posts about the brownies I mentioned, one of my favorite nail polishes, the Renz family Thanksgiving and possibly some shots of the Anthony Wayne statue in downtown Fort Wayne. Whatever doesn't get posted this week will definitely be coming soon.

Also for all you Tumblr-havers: Designers of Tumblr (to which I owe so much), have given me the honor of hosting the first of their new slew of giveaways. Click here to participate!


  1. Oh man, craft shows. The bane of my existence. They're always so fun until I start selling...or not selling. Story of my life this past summer. HISTORY WILL NOT REPEAT ITSELF NEXT SUMMER and next holiday season when I can actually do some of these fairs.

    I'm glad you did well, though! It's great to hear that people are buying.

  2. I'm glad you had success this time!

    Are you going to be putting those headbands on your Etsy shop? I think I need one! Or I need Joe to buy me one for Christmas haha.