Monday, November 14, 2011

Holiday Craft Fair Round 2 : Pendleton

Monday, November 14, 2011
Pardon the not-so-great pictures. The lighting in the area was dimmed and I get antsy taking pictures in public. I'm a hermit crab. Alright. I'm not one for lying or candy coating things. I really thought this year's craft shows would go loads better than the Northrop flop last holiday season. I felt like my products had improved a lot and was expecting a success.

Needless to say it didn't happen. I did get a boatload of compliments. Watching people see the Square Bears, stop, smile and say "these are so cute" was my main source of payment. I did sell things, but not too much. Bonus? I don't really have to make new things for the Westfield craft show this weekend.

I'm much prouder of this set-up than I was of the Local Color one last year. The wrinkly sheet was the only thing that annoyed me.

I do want to tell a story about this little girl. After my mom left and Casey came, we were sitting and the crowd was dying down. This little girl with messy hair and glasses comes up and looks at the Square Bears. She said "what are these?" and I explained and she said, "they look like little dogs". She was so sweet and exuberant. She talked with us a little then said "well...see you around." I don't know why but that was the highlight of the show. She was so cute. "See you around." Who says that?

So Casey and I drove home and played carride games and it was enjoyable all-in-all. I think I still need to search for the right craft fair. This one was full of candles and things geared told older people. While I got a ton of positive feedback, I still enter these things to make money. I got the table price back, but not a lot more. Enough for some Taco Bell, no doubt.

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes. Round 3 is this Saturday. I'm going in with little expectation, but we'll see!

Happy Monday. I have a nerve-racking thing to do today which I can hopefully share with you all soon!


  1. Ohhh your little set up is so cute, it's like seeing a big crowd of little Square Bears. Hahaha :3

    Best of luck next week!

  2. That sounds like my craft fair experience over the entire summer :(

  3. hang in there I know the feeling I have done a couple of craft shows I was really disappointed with the crowd they were looking for stuff I just did not have to offer! I love love your bears they are so cute :)