Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Five #24

Friday, November 18, 2011

{Downtown Fort Wayne.}

I had an art assignment that required me to visit downtown to get some pictures of the Anthony Wayne statue (I'll post about it next week). Casey accompanied me and I got a few images of my favorite things. The court house is one of those things.

{My freshly painted nails.}

{I'm really loving American Horror Story!}

{Head wraps I've been working on for winter.}

My mom and I went on a long dog walk yesterday (in 40 degree weather) and I wore one. I endorse my own s&^#.


Tonight Casey and I are going to a Thanksgiving party with a bunch of friends. I'm making an amazing sounding dessert. I'll also post about that next week. I hope they turn out.

Happy weekend! One more day of classes for me before Thanksgiving. And one more craft show. Wish me double luck. I hope this one is a success.

Wishful thinking, Kirsten.


  1. I'm excited about those headwraps!!!

  2. I'm definitely going to need one of those head wraps! I can't find any that I like with a bow and the ones you're making look perfect!

  3. So...I read and commented on this yesterday but my comment never went through because I was on my phone. I'm excited to see your other photos!

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