Monday, October 17, 2011

Stoller's Antique Mall

Monday, October 17, 2011
My mom and I love antiquing and thrifting, and while most of the fun comes from traveling to smaller Indiana cities, Stoller's is a local antique mall that suits our addiction when gas prices are higher or we're low on time.

Some of my favorite things to look at/for are vintage beauty products/tools/vanity tables. While I'd never spend money on buying them, I'm a fan of all the gold and fancy glass shampoo bottles. And hand mirrors. So many hand mirrors.

I also love antique kitchen stuff. My favorite are the old ovens. I would really just like to bake some banana bread in this oven.

We save the upstairs for last. The first time my mom took me here I was intimidated. Look at that hallway. There are rooms upon rooms upon rooms of furniture, creepy dolls and home decor. While I could never afford most of the furniture (and rarely really want anything), it's entertaining to wonder how some of these pieces ever looked good in anyone's house.

I can only stay so long because it's absolutely PACKED full of stuff. It's okay watching Hoarders because I can't rub up against or smell those houses...but BEING THERE is so much harder. To top it all off, the owners use little lighting or heating/air conditioning upstairs, so it's a bit creepy and uncomfortable - especially when you accidentally bound into a room full of dolls. Something else that keeps me on my toes (almost literally) is the old old building. When the wind blows, you blow. My mom says I'm imagining it, but I feel as if the floor could go at any time. Maybe it's because I'm thinking about the sheer weight of all the furniture. Needless to say I'm always a room or two ahead of my mom.

Despite the toy rooms being full of dolls (which I always seem to picture getting up and walking over to me), I love the dollhouses. The tin ones especially (my pictures of those were just awful).

I'm glad I'm getting less babyish about taking pictures in public. I like sharing places I love with the internet.

Happy Monday. And if not a "happy" Monday, at least a neutral one.

Definitely didn't realize this building has a 909 address. It's fate!


  1. That place looks amazing! My mom and I really need to check that place out, it looks like heaven!

  2. We love when you share places with us. I've never been one to enjoy antiquing, but my friends really like it. I really like the storefront, though.