Monday, October 31, 2011

Nails of the Moment Vol. 22

Monday, October 31, 2011

Ulta - Little Black Dress (2 coats)

Instant favorite. I'm going to divulge a little secret here. Back in middle school (when I attended a Catholic school) we weren't permitted to wear nail polish at all. During Friday night football games I rebelled and wore black nail polish (which I bought from Hot Topic). For those of you who went to a parochial school, you might know how rebellious this was (both the use of black nail polish and the shopping at Hot Topic). I was so cool I could have just died. At that high school football game. Needless to say this impregnated the label "gothic" deep in my seventh grade self. It's very hard to get rid of these labels in a 20-person 7th grade class. I didn't want and couldn't stand this title.

But after that whole bout with rebellion I never wore black nail polish for fear of being called "gothic". I figured with as many cardigans and ankle boots that I own now, I've shed that label and could safely wear this sparkly black.

My older brother Ben called me "gothic" today.


I thought this was as Halloween as my nails could get. I'm not much for nail art and don't have any true orange polish, so this will have to do. Later today I'm going to my parents house for a baby get-together (not a get-together of babies, but a small group of people getting together, but not in a "getting together ;]" way, but a platonically hanging out and eating candy way) and passing out candy. Maybe it'll be picture-worthy and I can post about it tomorrow.

Happy Halloween everyone! Gorge yourself on candy and feel no shame.


  1. I don't have finger nails.

  2. We need to Skype. I had one of those phases too, except I tried to be "punk."