Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chaos and Order

Tuesday, October 4, 2011
  • I have a handful of midterm tests this week.
  • All my double A batteries are dead.
  • My Nikon is powered by double A batteries.
  • The bugs are beginning their annual trip inside.
  • I'm making progress on my newest batch of shop items.
  • I have exciting news (at least to me) that I'll talk about later.
  • This weekend I'm going to Kokomo for some shopping.
  • The giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow.
  • After this Thursday's classes I have a week off!

I'm trying to keep in mind that there's a lot more in order in my life than there is in sheer chaos. And now that I type it out, the chaos list seems silly.

But the lack of batteries means lack of decent posts. I was able to take this picture of Oshawott though. Pictureless posts are the worst.

I'm really enjoying the weather in Indiana right now. And listening to fall music.

I hope everyone else is having an awesome week!

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