Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let Me Tell You About My Louie

Thursday, September 15, 2011
Here's a little backstory on my history with pets. My family has had fish galore, two turtles, three dogs, a newt, a frog, a crab, and blah blah blah. I personally have "mothered" four guinea pigs and a hamster. I was a rodent kind of person. My first and fattest guinea pig was named Cinnamon, though I called her Chahlah, and she was my pride and joy. I watched her die one afternoon and it might be one of the worst memories I have.

I digress in a morbid direction. More on Louie. I insist you listen to the following song while reading. If you've seen The Life Aquatic, you'll recognize why. Also Mark Mothersbaugh is beautiful.

Anyway, I moved out of my parents house and thus was ripped from my dogs. This has broken my heart into a trillion little pieces. My mom, knowing this, did something for me last weekend. She told me to come home one day, that she had a surprise for me.

Louie is a "dwarf" hamster. This is in quotes because he a giant little thing. And when she brought him downstairs I thought he was a baby guinea pig because he was so fat.

I found it incredibly hard to capture any worthy images of him, as he does not stop moving. He runs pretty fast.

And tries to climb out of whatever you put him in.

And is a cranky hamster. He's bit both me and Casey and shows no remorse. You DO NOT want to wake him up because...

He plots to kill you. (I was taking so many pictures and NONE were in focus and this is what happens the one time I used the flash. Never again.)

We don't know him very well yet as we've only had him for a week, but from what we can tell he's a pill.

He loves to run and stop and run and stop. But now he's built a little burrow under the wheel and never uses it. Which can't be good for his figure.


  1. looool.... I love this post. It had me truly laughing..... I have never owned a rodent but I kind of want one. Like yours. Grumpy and crabby, like me. :P

  2. ohhhh, he's so cute. i want a bunny so badly!!! i miss my animals!

  3. omy goodness! He looks so happy on that wheel, and i really enjoyed listening to that song as I read, totally fit.

  4. I had a hamster once. Which turned into 9 hamsters, and then turned into 4 hamsters. Why? Oh, because the first hamster I bought was a little harlot. My 10-year old self didn't think anything of the fact that she was chillin in a hamster house with her baby daddy in the tank at the pet store. She gave birth a week after I bought her and then at several of her babies. How do I know? Because I walked in on it. And it was GROSS.