Monday, September 26, 2011


Monday, September 26, 2011
I've been cutting patterns for more pencil cases. I think I'll let the winner of the upcoming giveaway choose between these four designs. Which do you like best?

This past weekend Casey's best friend celebrated his 23rd birthday. I made cupcakes. And they were awesome. I really like the color of the icing. Of course I saved a few to keep in the apartment and now there's only one left. Tempting.

So now my nail polish goal has been going on for about three months. Considering I change my polish up bi-weekly you might think I'd gotten farther. The picture above is of all the nail polishes I have yet to use... looking at this is pretty sad. The chunk on the left is 4 polish rows deep... Looks like I won't get a new bottle for a long time. Thank heavens I said Christmas presents don't count.

These are the polishes I've used so far. Looks pretty sad in comparison. (PS: I'm going to be doing a bedroom tour soon. I realized I'd only done two areas and still have apartment to cover!)

LOUIE! has been so much better with us. He hasn't bitten anyone in days (haha) and comes out when I start talking to him. Of course he still moves around too much to get good pictures. I had to use flash in the picture above, but he still looks cute! He runs to the door and props himself up when I talk to him.

I got his foot in focus!!

I found out that Louie's favorite food is sunflower seeds. He almost falls out of his cage trying to grab them from me sometimes.

I've had a relatively productive start to my week. I'm trying to decide which company I'll get my business cards from and which design I'll use. Luckily I took the final for one of my classes on Saturday and now have one less class to worry about!

Stay tuned for the giveaway later this week and let me know which case pattern/color combination you like best!


  1. Aaahhh I want hampsters again! Yes, hamPsters.

  2. This is going to be a kind of here-and-there post since I have really random things to say. Louie is so cute, I love his whiskers! I wish I had a hamster... Your nailpolish collection is ridiculous and I mean that in the best way. It just looks nice to see them all lined up like that, no? And I think my favorite pouch is the one on the far left. It's a little bit goofy and a whole lot of cute! You already took your final for a class? I'm only in the first week... whoa!
    <3 Linda

  3. I'm commenting on this again because that other picture of Louie is SO CUTE. It didn't show up when I read this at work.

  4. HAHAAAA!! fdnbmlqeblmqhndoi, I want to squeeze it to death!

  5. Whoa your nail polish collection is amazing. Also' I know how you feel about the color not being done any justice in photographs - very frustrating. But! This made me think of another post about nail polish that I thought you would enjoy:

    Also your hamster is so effing adorable!!