Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Introducing... 909 Cherry

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
As I've mentioned in previous posts a shop name change has been in the works. Local Color was a hasty name I decided on back when I started my shop and have since grown a bit tired of it. I wanted something unique.

I was born in Huntington, Indiana, a small town about a thirty minute drive from where I currently live. There's a brick road in Huntington called Cherry Street where I spent the first five years of my life. It was my parent's first "real" house together and where both my brothers and I first called home. We lived two doors down from my great aunt Bea and uncle Harry, two of the most lively and happy people I've met in my entire life, and across from the church we were all baptized in. The house holds a lot of memories, as does the city.

909Cherry was my password for everything on the internet because it was something I'd easily remember and seemed more than fitting for the name of my shop. There was no hesitation.

There's meaning in a lot of the decisions I've made about the shop since. The light blue in the logo matches the shutters on all the windows of the house and the brick red represents the brick road (aren't I creative?).

I know I said the new shop wouldn't be unveiled until 2012, but I'm participating in three holiday craft shows and wanted the new branding in place before that time.

While the products in my shop won't change a whole lot, I have a lot of new ideas for things that I'm excited to execute.

It'll take some time before everything is settled (including the Etsy pictures - which some may know I'm completely obsessive about). But I plan on having everything "just so" by November when my shows start.

I want to get a little sappy and sincerely thank every single person who's encouraged and supported me with my shop. Including anyone who's purchased something, commented on a blog post, "liked" something on Tumblr or followed me on Twitter. Every single bit of support is appreciated like you wouldn't know. I had no idea my minuscule business would grow so much.

As a thank you, I'm going to keep my RIPLC code on until Friday. Use that coupon code to get 30% your order. There's a new clearance section as well, where everything is 50% off already, so have a look and watch out for little changes to the shop and most likely a giveaway soon.

As far as the blog goes, I have posts booked for the rest of the week including one featuring my new pet, the panda scarf and a friday five!

Again, thanks so much to everyone!


  1. Love the new name! Definitely more personable and inviting then local color. Great choice.


  2. I love the new name, logo, and all of its sentimental significance. The new font is just beautiful!

  3. I actually read this last week but never commented on it. I love the new branding! It's so streamlined and gawjuss. Congrats! I would rebrand too, but I don't have any ideas for something new. And I think some crazy people actually like The Jewelry Sheller.