Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Five (Vol. 18)

Friday, September 30, 2011
Since I don't have classes on Wednesdays and sometimes (shocker) I don't feel like sewing or crocheting, I like to bake. I made sugar cookies. Let me stop here really quickly. I used to bake all the time when I lived at my parent's house and somehow I couldn't make anything taste good. The simplest recipes would come out and taste like chalk or rubber. I had never, until two days ago, made good sugar cookies from scratch. These were awesome. And I made some icing from scratch and added some food coloring and cinnamon to make them more fall-y.

Left some un-iced because Casey doesn't care for it. Plus I made the BEST batch of peanut butter cookies of my life. Even added some crunched up peanuts. Of course those are gone...

For some reason last night I was bored with my Mac and spent awhile making my dock look awesome. I downloaded the free version (really, who's going to pay $29 to make their dock icons different?) of CandyBar and played around with it for awhile. I'm pleased.

And of course I can't adjust my dock and not change my desktop icons. I made them festive for Halloween. I guess this is my equivalent to decorating my house.

This week my mom was picking up something she left at the apartment and brought Mowgli!! I got to dogsit her for an hour or so. She was really nervous to be away from Jezzebelle and in a new place, but eventually she found her spot. She lays in the window seat at my parent's house and stares outside about 75% of her life. Well let's just say this is much bigger and more exciting. I just had to keep her from barking and annoying our neighbors.

This week was so dreary and nothing much happened, so I'm sorry for the repetitive five. I'm really hoping the sun comes out at all next week. I really need to take pictures of my new stuffffffff.

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  1. My mom is trying to start a baking business when she retires, so I've been using that to design a site in my web production class. I wish we had a nice setting like yours to take pictures of the cookies, etc.