Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Five (Vol. 15)

Friday, September 9, 2011
I may have been a horrible blogger this week but I DO have five things I love. This edition is called "I have no Friday plans and my boyfriend is off being a video game nerd with his friends so I'm stuck at the apartment but there are at least five things I'm grateful for". So, here it is.

1. Wunderlist - I want to be buried with Wunderlist. It has replaced all my paper notes. I have my to-do list AND tomorrow's to-do list, my homework and my "to-make" lists all in the same spot. No paper waste blah blah blah.

2. Friends - Nothing much more to say. Currently on the ninth season. Who needs elaboration?
3. Fish sticks - They're in the freezer. In due time they'll be in the oven. Then in my stomach. And I won't go further.
4. Macbook Pro - This is what I am typing this on. This is what I'm finalizing my new branding images/texts/codes on. I love my Macbook Pro and I don't care about PC people and their sad lives and I don't care that I'm a pretentious Mac owner. I AM HAPPY BECAUSE OF MY MACBOOK PRO.

5. Finalizing my new shop - It's a lot of work, but it's been exhilarating. There are quite a few things left to finish, but I'm about ready to totally switch the blog and shop over to the new name. Obviously the blog is halfway there. (Whooooooa livin' on a prayer.)

Anyway, back to work.


  1. #1 & 4....ditto!!! i don't put my homework list on there, just because sometimes i'm not on my computer while doing homework. what is your major?

  2. Whoa. I think I'm going to switch over to Wunderlist... I use TeuxDeux right now but it's more of a weekly planner, and all of my extra lists end up getting written in the margins and corners of things, only to be thrown away eventually. Thanks for posting about it, I think this is a great solution for me!
    <3 Linda