Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Five - Things I Loved This Week

Friday, September 16, 2011
909 Branding: This week I worked on all my little "package inserts" for lack of a better sounding phrase. I didn't like to idea of sending out Local Color address labels and confusing people further. (Can I say that I wish to sue Avery? Their products are nearly impossible to accurately align and I wasted about half of my sheets before I got relatively straight labels.) I had envisioned the packaging with brown paper wrapping and red and white twine, but unfortunately I haven't received my twine yet, so red yarn had to do for the mock-ups. All that's left on my list are business cards and a banner for craft shows. I think the mini order cards are cuter, plus I can get three times as many on a sheet of paper. I've actually been pretty aware of my paper waste. Wunderlist and smaller order cards are my current contribution.

Kelley Ross: While my mom and I were working our garage sale a few weeks back she brought me her old school records bundle her mom kept for her back in the 60s and 70s. LATE sixties. I don't want my mom to be dated harshly. I seriously enjoyed going through this. I might do a whole post devoted to it. Everything is so perfect. All the class pictures, the report cards, her school pictures (the first one pictured here is so cute! It's been sitting on my desk and I can't stop looking at it.

Understanding paying $9 for a tank top: I'm a cheapskate. I like thrift stores and garage sales and e-baying things I don't want to pay full price for. But as I've gotten older I've learned to understand larger price tags. Once upon a time three or four years ago my mom allowed me to get a maroon tank top from Target that was $9. It was insanely overpriced. Or so I though. Until yesterday at approximately 5 o'clock I wore that tank top under my shirts at least twice a week. I stress "at least". I loved it. It was incredibly soft, didn't pill and was the perfect length. I had a drawer full of tanks but only wore my "scab tank" as I so classily put it. Yesterday I went to Target and found tanks from the same brand, still $9 and bought three. I then put most of my remaining ones in the Goodwill bag I had started. I feel like an adult. If adults spend $27 + tax on tank tops.

My new boots! Somehow in the move I misplaced both pair of boots I had. As fall is approaching and I've pulled out my navy trench and scarves, I really needed to replace them. I spent all last week bookmarking and price-comparing and settled on these taupe ankle boots form Aldo. I'm still on the lookout for black mid-calfs, but these will do through October I'm sure (hopefully it doesn't start snowing that soon). I love them. And will get my first opportunity to wear them when I go have dinner at Casey's mom's house tonight.

This song: Just listen to it. I'm not good at explaining why I love songs. You should also see the titles of my mix CDs. People look at me weird when going through my CD case. Certain songs just remind me of things or make me feel a certain way and I like how this one makes me feel.
(I get to go to the Johnny Appleseed festival, which I will fully explain in a later post - hopefully I get to take decent pictures. I wait for this ALL year and didn't get to go last year, so I'm ready.)


  1. It wasn't until I started my business that I appreciated the price of goods. It makes sooo much sense now and I never complain when paying for quality. :) :)

  2. Your branding is adorable! Love the colour choices :)
    Great little blog here!


  3. I haven't been able to comment on anything because I've been SO DAMN BUSY. Anyway, I love the packaging. I'm trying to figure out what kinds of freebies I can throw in with my Etsy orders...