Monday, September 12, 2011

Ben's 22

Monday, September 12, 2011
Mowgli's tongue makes me laugh when it sticks out in pictures like that.

September 12th: my older brother's birthday. He's 22 years old. Weird. Anyway, since I haven't posted much about him on this blog, I figure a little intro wouldn't hurt.

Benjamin Thomas Renz

{A beauty shot from the Renzmas pictures last year.}

My brother is and has always been two years older than me. We were pretty close when we were young and are close now (I won't get into the in-between times). He's the person who introduced me to a lot of the music I like, Arrested Development, Tim and Eric, Dave Eggers, etc. He once owned a pair of rollerblades and would jump off the curb and call himself a "daredev-uh" (how do you spell r-sound speech impediment words)?

{Cincinnati zoo. I must have taken 543,235 pictures of him that day.}

The first story my parents have of us is that Ben slapped my baby face when I came home from the hospital. Which is nice. The rest of the story doesn't stray too far. We collected Pokemon cards together, watched Good Burger and First Kid about a million times, went to "the creek" and pretended we were outdoorsy kids, played "Animorphs" in our neighborhood one night.


Ben used to love dinosaurs. He's kind of like Ross from Friends. In fact, my mom recently got him a set of dinosaur plush. Which he keeps in his room. Like a cool person.

{Being a man.}

Ben is actually the reason I met Casey. They worked a the same restaurant. I guess having an older brother is great for things like that.

{Being a man pt. 2}

Tonight I'm going to my parent's house for pizza and lemon bars and celebrating Ben's birthday. I'll make sure to bring my camera.

Happy birthday, Ben!


  1. Your relationship with your brother sounds almost exactly like my relationship with *my* older brother! Pokemon included.

  2. I don't have siblings, but I do love lemon bars.