Monday, August 8, 2011

Phone Photodump

Monday, August 8, 2011
I'm sick. As someone who very rarely gets sick at all, it's pretty bizarre that I'm sick in August. I've been pretty sickly feeling for a few days now but it's getting worse and worse. Plus today I woke up and the apartment has no toilet flushing, no showers, no teeth brushing, no drinking water. I'm currently waiting for ice to melt. Anyway, I don't much feel like sewing or crocheting, so today will be about pictures on my phone that I'd like to share.

This picture was taken of Mowgli a few days after she got her fur all cut off. She looks so cute. This makes me miss her so much. I think I'll kidnap her from my parents' house and keep her here.

I went out with a bunch of friends a few weeks ago and got to see someone I very rarely see. My friend Michelle came and told us that she found this $100 bill on the ground. I'll be frank and say I have literally never seen a $100 bill in real life. Because I'm a sad person.

My plush bears seemed to be a bust on Etsy, but my friend Alice really loved them. When the listings expired I let her pick one. Since I'd embroidered LC on the heart (for Local Color), she wanted to name him something with the initials LC. The first thing out of her mouth was "Lord Christ". I'm not lying. We seemed to think that was the most funny thing that had ever been said, so I think that's his name.

Sorry this is upside-down, but I'm not going to go edit it. HOWEVER, my mom and I had a little game afternoon yesterday and our second Scrabble game took a weird start. I had the WORST letters, so the first word was only three letters. So we decided to try to do the whole game in three-letter words. We did it! We used all but three letters (ironic?) and filled a lot of the board.

This picture was taken last night. If you look closely you'll see a man reading a book...and using his stupid cell phone as his only light. Since I'm sick he thought he shouldn't disturb me with the light... So he has his cell phone propped against his chin. It hurts to laugh, but I laughed anyway and had to take a picture.

Hopefully the water turns on soon. So I can feel like a modern-day person.

Hope everyone else's days are going much better than mine!


  1. That scrabble game is pretty amazing. So sorry you're sick! :(

  2. Boo! Sickness is bad :( So are sluggish-selling square bears. I felt the way about my HP bracelets. What a bust.