Monday, August 29, 2011

The Jewelry Sheller

Monday, August 29, 2011
The majority of my Etsy buying has been for safety eyes, zippers and specialty fabric as supplies for my own shop. Every once in awhile I find something I can't pass up. As I've mentioned maybe 524,789,254 times, I follow Emily's blog and shop. As someone who has severe allergies to 99% of the jewelry I've owned, I kept my distance. But when Emily made the first leather wrap bracelet, I figured that was a must-have.

While I love the turquoise one she has in the shop, I wanted to make a custom order. And it came out exactly as I was picturing it. She found the perfect beads and made it so quickly I barely had time to anxiously await the package. (However, I did get it a day or so after it arrived considering my parents' address was still on my Etsy account. Perfect way for my mom to lure me home.)

It fits absolutely perfect and I've been wearing it everyday since!

Everyone should check out Emily's blog, and shop!


  1. I reeeeealy love the charm thing on that bracelet!

  2. Nice! I'm kind of sort of really loving that clasp. Good choice on the colors too, it reminds me of the beach!
    <3 Linda


    Thaaanks! I'm so glad it fits! I was afraid it came out too big. And my packaging actually looks really nice here...

    (Btw, apartment tour post going up tonight).