Monday, August 15, 2011

Garage Sales and Lord of the Rings

Monday, August 15, 2011
As I mentioned in a previous post, I went to Mishawaka on Saturday. Along the way we passed a few garage sales where I found three really awesome things for under or at $1. (PS: the picture above is dedicated to Emily. This is what 95% of our drive looked like. Corn and blue skies.)

And this. I really tried to get a better picture but the guy turned off the highway. He was a tool. He was driving a Jaguar convertible and look at his license plate. Just look at it.

First find: this Native American beaded coin pouch. The inside is lined with leather and it's in such good condition. I got this for a quarter. Granted I make most of my own coin pouches...but I am not skilled at beading. And this is just awesome.

Second find: I have wanted a typewriter forever. I've had a few here and there but none as beautiful as this. The above pictures are "befores". It was a pretty giant mess.

There's a very little amount of ink in the ...ribbon? But as you can see here there was plenty ink to write "butt".

It's still pretty grimey. If you look closely you can see I've managed to clean one row of keys. Guess which. But when it's perfect and I've found a good spot for it, you bet your "butt" I'll show you.

Third find: Password! My mom and I are board game junkies. We play for hours. I did some minor repairs, but all the pieces are there and I think it'll be interesting to play. There's a spinner with all the Addam's Family characters on it? Weird.

Before and afters of the box and innards. I love cleaning up thrift/garage sale finds.

So that was my Saturday (the first part). That night I went to a friend's and played Apples to Apples for a very long time.

Sunday Casey's and my friends Danny and Brittany came over for a Lord of the Rings marathon. We got through the extended versions of the first two and called it quits. I think next Sunday we'll finish. The four hour extended version of Return of the King. My favorite of the trilogy.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. wow---that typewriter! i love! I've always wanted a typewriter, but I know that if it wasn't in excellent condition, i'd have no clue how to fix it! eek!

  2. Ever since ROTK came out, I've been wanting to have a marathon but I never have! :(

    I love the highway picture. Tom and I once saw a license plate that had an HTML color code on it. I forgot what color it was, though.

    I went out to dinner with a bunch of Starbucks baristas and ended up at a Starbucks at one point. It's like a cult.

  3. That typewriter is to DIE for.

  4. I've read all the books, but I didn't watch any of the movies till yesterday, so what a coincidence! I didn't do a marathon though, so I may be one of the only people to have not completed the trilogy (I only watched the first, meh). Looks like you had some good finds though, Password (the old 70s version) used to be one of my favorite game shows to watch, and I'm not ashamed to admit it! Ha!
    <3 Linda