Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Five (Vol. 13)

Friday, August 26, 2011
As promised, this week is highlighting (har) my organizational tendencies. I finally got totally organized for my classes and decided I'd just keep this Five to school organization. Considering it's my most obsessive.

I use tabs every year. I started in middle school and have not gone without them since. For the record I was not popular in high school and currently still not popular in college. Thank heaven I've never had more than five classes at once (we were on quarters in high school), because if I did, the tabs thing would get f*&^ed up. This is pretty simple. A lot of people use tabs. Whatever.

Now we get creepy. I have a certain highlighter color for each class. This is also directly related to the tab color I use for the next organizational tool. I also correspond certain colors with certain colors of Pentel RSVP pens (my absolute favorite and the only ballpoint I will use in my lifetime). You'll notice the highlighters looking funky...yeah I talk about that later. What's more is that you'll see my tabs are in an order on that piece of plastic. That is the order in which my classes are. Orange is my first class, and so on. And I only use blue and black pens to write my notes. This is simply because Pentel doesn't offer their pretty pens in fine tips and I only write notes in fine tips. I also don't use pencils. Ever. Unless I'm in a math class and my professor yells at me for writing in pen. Then and only then will I write my notes in pencil (but then when I arrive home, they are re-written in pen). Go ahead and laugh and close the tab because I'm not done.

This one (in my opinion) isn't so bad. I'm one of those who likes to know how much reading I have left. I keep my finger in the next chapter when I'm reading a book (even recreationally). But for school I use my tabs. Again, in coordination with the class. I put one on the starting page and one on the goal. No biggie, right?

Now we get into different territory. My college gives out free agendas. Stores such as Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, Walmart, Target, Meijer (for us midwesterners), and even dollar stores offer agendas and schedules in endless shapes, sizes and styles. Not one of those fits my needs completely. I'm way too particular about size of the boxes, whether they're lined pages and countless other details most normal people don't give about. So I keep multitudes of lists that fit my needs. I have a planner (a fancy dry erase board on my wall). I have a to-do list (a top wire-bound legal pad sitting next to me). I have an agenda of school homework (this). I need things very uniform. Each class has the same amount of lines and blah blah. YES every class is orange here. Who knows why. That's rhetorical, as even I don't know why. UNIFORMITY MAYBE.

Now we're in stupid zones. I am a highlighting aficionado (a word I would have never memorized the spelling and meaning of in high school without being insanely organized). I have (I'm actually going to count now) 13 Bic Brite Liner highlighters. I will use no other kind. Since I have so many I feel I have to label the ones I'm using. So I draw squiggles on them with a permanent marker. The yellow reminds me of Charlie Brown's shirt. ANYWAY. I do this with all my stuff. I only use the Pentel RSVP with the least amount of ink in it. I only use the body lotion with the last amount left in the bottle. Same for shampoo, cereal, and basically anything else.

So I want to use these highlighters up before moving to the next one.

I feel exposed and weird right now.

In other news: My date with Casey today (per Katie's request) will include dinner (we never decide before leaving the house) and a movie. Sounds boring. BUT, we're seeing a movie we've wanted to see for AGES, but the post-poned the date and ruined our livelihoods. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. We're seeing that. Night terrors rejoice! I'm excited. But until then I have to drive to my parents house and do laundry... (I don't want to waste quarters when they live so close, plus I get to see my dogs!).

And in other other news and on a more serious note: I hope everyone on the east coast (most especially Emily and her family) stays safe through the hurricane.

I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe weekend and be sure to check out the shop update I posted about yesterday.



  1. I love this post and I love you. I thought I was the only person that used a Pentel RSVP until it ran out of ink. I don't use highlighters that much, though. Only for reading through research for big papers. I'm glad you like your bracelet :D

  2. Ugh, that reminds me. I need to go and get supplies too.