Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bogged Down

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
I've been busy. Or lazy. But mostly busy. I have a giant list of "need-to-make"s and "need-to-do"s and it's only getting bigger. I keep putting off things in order to clean the apartment...which looks pretty damn good. But motivation lies in throwing your business on the internet. So here's my list.

Need-to-Make (bolded when completed)
1. Lauren's cosmetic bag
2. Katie's iPhone 4 case
3. Michelle's iPod Touch case
4. V3 cosmetic bag
5. Cotton Candy square bear
6. Appleseed square bear

Need-to-Do (bolded when completed)
1. Clean out front closet
2. Clean out other closet
3. Super clean apartment for Wednesday dinner with Casey's mom
4. School supplies shopping/prep.

These are things I hope to accomplish this week. I start classes next Tuesday. 1 week. Having some projects and cleaning out of the way would really help clear my mind for all that.

So I'll update this until I'M DONE. And if I accomplish everything then you can love me.


  1. I love your little order forms. Period.

    Good luck with all your cleaning. I have to start packing to move back to my apartment. I "move back" on the 28th.

  2. Ahhhh..... I need to make some lists as well... so many things I feel like need done and yet I'm all scattered. Good luck with getting your stuff finished! :) Sea Marie

  3. good luck! lists are my favorites :)