Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Five (Vol. 9)

Friday, July 22, 2011
This week's five (as promised) are happy things. To be more specific: my guilty pleasures this past week. I took a little leave from sewing and crocheting to pack my life away and ...literally do nothing a lot of the time. I live in Indiana where there has been a giant heatwave. Today hit 100 degrees in Fort Wayne, which was the first time since July 30, 1999 (I actually watched local news today). So the first Five is necessary.

Disclaimer: none of the following images are mine. They were all found on Tumblr or We Heart It, which are renowned websites for hidden or "lost" credits.

1. Icees: My family has always loved them. Since I got a car and stopped having my mom cart me around, I forgot about them. My mom'd always take us to get them after a long bout of errand running. Recently I starting craving them and maybe had 784 this week. Namely the Coke ones.

2. Hell's Kitchen: I finally watched this show on Hulu last winter. It never appealed to me, but after watching the eighth season, got obsessed. The holy Hulu got rights to the first 5 or so seasons, so I've been having crazy marathons. My newly realized dream in life is to have Gordon Ramsey call me a donkey. I seriously smile every time he says "donkey". And that's hard to do considering I'm terrified of donkeys. And that it's an insult.
3. Donuts: I can go years and years and lifetimes without thinking about or craving donuts, but put them in front of me...and I'll accept. I hung out with four close friends this week and Michelle reeeeeally wanted donuts, so we hit a Dunkin' Donuts and got a dozen to split...and I must say, they just taste good.
4. Pretty pictures: Considering I haven't been doing too many productive activities, I've spent a lot of time aimlessly wandering the internet. One night I spent WAY too long on, like a girl and found so many pretty things to look at. This image stuck out.
5. TETRIS: I bought it on my DS and have been playing non-stop. I even beat my record!
If I don't update for a few days, don't be surprised. Saturday is going to be full of moving and unpacking (we aren't using a truck... just my mom's van). Then I'm sure organizing and cleaning will extend to Sunday. If nothing else I'll repaint my nails or something and post my NOTM. I'm planning a bunch of new stuff for Etsy and the blog, so stick around!

What were your guilty pleasures this week?


  1. Oh maaan.... those donuts look delicious. Might have to look into getting some of those this weekend. :P My guilty pleasure this week was monkey bread and LOTS of lasagna! Yummmm! And way too much time on Pinterest... but thats a norm for me. :P -- Sea Marie

  2. I don't know if I have any guilty pleasures this week...but it's definitely really got here also.