Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Five (Vol. 8)

Friday, July 15, 2011
This week I thought a lot about my favorite movies, or movies that have impacted me. The post contains spoilers for the following movies: Blue Valentine, Steel Magnolias, Babel, Mystic River and Philadelphia. All movies I feel everyone should have already seen. MOST ESPECIALLY Philadelphia which never fails to make me absolutely bawl. I cried while finding images for and writing this post.

Every time I see a good movie I think about which particular scenes won me over. I thought I'd take a bit of a different route for this post, and share my favorite powerful/sad scenes.

5. The wedding clips at the end of Blue Valentine: I only just watched this with Casey a week or so ago, but we both gave it a 10/10 on our blog. I started crying as soon as they started the wedding montage. I watched a couple slowly fall apart for two hours and then they showed them at their happiest and I lost it. Falling out of love is such a terrifying concept and this movie absolutely broke my heart. I love both Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling...and that's all I have to say about that. I'm literally wiping tears. Wow, I'm emotionally stable.

4. The funeral in Steel Magnolias: While Steel Magnolias is by no means anywhere near my top 50 movie list, Sally Field has a place in my heart. I watched this movie while painting my nails some night a year ago and was taken by surprise when I cried. I wasn't expecting anything from this. But Sally Field saying "I just want to hit somebody until they feel as bad as I do" at her daughter's funeral ruined me. For anyone who steered clear of this movie because it looks...just awful, know there's at least one amazing performance.
3. Ahmed's death in Babel: Just looking at the picture of Ahmed's dad crying is enough to make me want to cry. Watching Ahmed and Yussef's relationship and then watching him get shot is really powerful. I remember the first time I saw this movie. The music that plays when the soliders bring Ahmed's body from the mountain is so beautiful and haunting. As you'll read in my #1 spot, music has a lot to do with my favorite scenes. This whole movie impacted me in so many ways, but the Morocco story hit me the hardest.
I absolutely hate watching kids' relationships with their siblings and then having one taken from them. That's always a sure-fire way to get me emotional during a movie.

2. Sean Penn in Mystic River: I'm not totally sure what it is about this image that sticks to my brain so strongly. Whenever I think of really good movies, I think of Sean Penn walking down the middle of the street, arms outstretched. I won't go into detail about something I know nothing about. I just love it. And god, the ending of this movie.
1. Philadelphia: I couldn't pick just one scene. I barely narrowed it to two. This is by far one of my favorite movies, if not my favorite. And one, I feel, that is severely underrated. This was the first movie to make tears absolutely pour down my face. One summer before high school I set out to watch all the VHS tapes (I swear I'm only 20) in our house. I unsuspectingly put this in while eating lunch one afternoon and left the room an utter mess. The soundtrack and acting in this movie is perfect. The top image that comes to mind is Tom Hanks' character, Andrew listening to Maria Callas' La Mamma Morta. He tells Denzel Washington's character, Joe what she's singing about and sways with his IV bag. The passion and pain in his face...

Then, oh god, the ending. A song you could play at any time that would be sure to get me a little hazy eyed is Neil Young's Philadelphia. And at Andrew's funeral, when everyone's watching home videos of Andrew as a kid, the song plays. And at this point, I'm gone. I'm blubbering. Literally blubbering.

Now that I made myself cry for about an hour in all, I think I'll try to pick myself up. I'm sorry for the not-so-happy post, but I feel like there's such beauty in all these scenes as well as sadness. They all leave me with conflicted feelings. I promise next Friday will be a much happier post. But until then, let me know what scenes from movies are guaranteed to make you cry. And if any one of you mentions the Notebook, I'm going to go ahead and be dead. Because...just...stop it.

Happy weekend!
I'm off to Indiana Beach tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get some pictures and some bright red skin!


  1. love all these movies, they are all so emotional

  2. I have never seen Philadelphia! I'm going to have to look into it. But you are right..... all of these scenes are so emotional and impacting at the same time. Great collection. Sea Marie

  3. thank you so much for following me :D

  4. I watched Blue Valentine because i LOVE Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams.. and I couldn't believe how amazing their acting was! Such a good/terribly sad and emotional movie

  5. Get on a plane right now and come to New York to hang out with me. Omg Blue Valentine was ROBBED. RYAN GOSLING WAS ROBBED, I TELL YOU! I can't BELIEVE he didn't get an Oscar nom for that. Shameful.

    I can't really remember Steel Magnolias that well, and I never saw Babel or Mystic River.

    But Philadelphia. OOOOHHH PHILADELPHIA. I have been listening to that soundtrack for as long as I can remember. The Neil Young song at the end is my favorite--

    You know what? Just come here. Or I'll go to Indiana. Never been.

  6. Also: (500) Days of Summer. The scene when Summer throws the party at her apartment. Wrecked. Mind blown. I've been through that so many times.