Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Five (Vol. 7)

Friday, July 8, 2011
1. The DO.t issue 2 is out!! I was so honored to be in this one. I have an amazing spread among awesome designers and am definitely purchasing the hardcopy issue. Click here to see the pdf or buy the print version. This is my first ever interview/feature in a magazine and I'm dead about it.

2. Baking: I made four different batches of desserts last night. The one below is a three-ingredient peanut butter cookie. I was skeptical about them. Maybe I'll do my first baking post on them. The three ingredients were peanut butter (duh), egg, and sugar. It was bizarre and they came out a little odd...but how could those ingredients not taste okay?
3. My new "metal coverers": For those of you who don't know me personally, I have the most tempera-mental (that's spelled right...I thought it was "tempermental" but apparently that's not a word) skin. I can't wear necklaces or most rings, bracelets, or earrings. I even get rashes from my desk chair. The metal attacked my thighs. So I crocheted these sea foam green tubes to put on the bars. They're a little loosey-goosey so I might remake them when I have the time, but for now they serve their purpose!
4. The Pirate Pencil Case: I listed this guy last night and when I woke up, it had been purchased! I love that. So I guess I'll need to make some more pirate pencil cases. I'm going to cut patterns today.
5. Swimmin' Pips: My dogs (both part spaniels) are petrified of water. I get very bitter when I see spaniels swimming in lakes and being real live dogs. My dogs can't even be outside when the sprinklers are on. You can imagine what a fun time it is to bathe them. Well a few days ago my little brother came to my room and said "you'll want to see this". And when I went in the backyard my mom had Mowgli in our 5 foot deep pool...swimming. I got a video which is half hilarious and half terrifying, but it was so funny watching them doggy-paddle to the side. And I got this shot of Mowgli in mid-shake.
Those are 5 things I've been working on/loving this week. It was a very productive and rewarding week for me and I'm excited for the weekend. I've got a little family reunion to go to and hope I get good pictures.

I hope everyones' weekends are amazing. Tell me what your favorite things this week were!


  1. Well, I thought my freelance gig was going to end but it turns out they want to keep me for a longer period of we'll see what my role ends up being.

    And that pirate case is fabulous.

  2. Congrats on making it into DO.t!