Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Five (Vol. 6)

Friday, July 1, 2011
1. Some pencil case patterns: I've been on a sewing kick. They come and go but I've been enjoying it. I tend to work in an assembly line fashion and just watch TV shows or movies on my laptop while I work. I'm currently trying to downsize my fabric stash, so I'm going through my collection and re-finding some really cool patterns.

2. These two OPI polishes: As some of you know I gave myself a goal. So I've been trying to decide which color to paint my nails next. On the left is Mermaid Tears and on the right is Bling Dynasty (which Casey picked me up for Christmas last year). Which color do you prefer?
3. A new style of case: I was bothered by the old style of House Crest case, so I tried my hand at a new one. I prefer it times a million, but when I asked my Tumblr followers, it was a draw as to which they preferred. I'm going to add the new ones to the shop and whichever sell out faster will probably be the ones I stick with. I might even try making a hybrid.
4. My new thank you tags!: I ran out of my old tags and didn't want to have to buy and mess with templates again, so I made and cut my own. I stuck with a super simple design and spent one afternoon watching guilty pleasure TV and cutting them out. And now I have a bunch of colors so I can match tissue paper.
5. A stack of felt crests: I've obviously had Harry Potter on the mind lately with all the giveaways, reading and pencil case making. I've also been loving hand stitching these. I usually dread the tedious work, but for some reason found it therapeutic this month.
Watch out for a post later today. I'm going to start a new series!


  1. For this weekend, I'd go for the gold :) But I really love that teal! I've been looking for a good teal!

  2. I like them both, but I think I prefer mermaid tears. I almost got that the last time I went to the nail salon. I ended up getting Glitzerland (also OPI).