Monday, July 11, 2011

Chaos and a Cold

Monday, July 11, 2011
I've been busy with planning so far this week. Some things are going to be changing/starting in my life that require a lot of extra attention. For one thing, I've been picking out and organizing my schedule of classes and dealing with the money aspect of all that. Along with the upcoming school semester, I'm going to be moving out of my parents' house within the next month. This is both incredibly exciting and quite the daunting task.

On top of everything else, I'm waking up each morning feeling a bit sicker than the previous night. Today I've spent all my time reading the final (yes, I finally made it the final book!) Harry Potter book (I have 4 days to get this one read). I've also started re-watching the movies. I'm watching the first as I type. I plan on getting through at least the first three tonight as I blow my nose and pretend I'm not feeling lousy.

But I've also been keeping a list of things to make once I feel up to it. The list includes more of the pirate pencil cases, the first prototype for my cosmetic cases, and possibly some tote bags!

I hope the summer sicks haven't attacked anyone else, and I hope to be organized and productive soon!

Anyone else going to the midnight showing of the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2?


  1. I'll be in Seattle (leaving tomorrow) so I won't be able to go see it with the rest of my friends :(

  2. Awww ... sweetie, I hope you feel better soon!

    ♥ Cat brideblu