Thursday, June 9, 2011


Thursday, June 9, 2011
Introducing: the new collection of iPod cases. I made a whole set of cyclops. I want them all to myself. If it weren't so dreary here I could have taken better pictures, but such is life. I'll have these guys listed sometime next week. If you want to reserve one, let me know and I'll set it aside for you.

I haven't had the best of weeks, so I've been trying to focus on good little things that I've got goin' on. Like stationary. Because I'm all of 102 years old. But I found this Dr. Seuss stationary at TJ Maxx for $4.99 and thought it was perfect. So I got it. Even though I never use stationary. I need a pen pal.

AND I used some of the gift card Casey got me for my birthday to buy... yeah. Just what I needed. Mermaid's Tears and Pink-a-doodle (a truly disgusting name).

I've got a lot of exciting stuff coming up in relation to this blog. I'm planning a giveaway in July. I'm going to be giving away 2 Harry Potter inspired cases (in the size the winner will decide). I'm giving one away on Tumblr and one on here, so there will be two chances to win if you follow both blogs. Plus I've been talking with Alice and I think we're going to swap skills and she's going to make me an amazing banner for this blog. I'm really really excited about that. I love her stuff. Check out her photography/personal Tumblr here. But then I'm going to do all the dork HTML-y stuff for an art blog she wants to start. PLUS... this paragraph is too long so I'm going to start another even though I don't need to.

PLUS! Emily and I are thinking of collaborating to do some interview/giveaway type posts in the future.

So those are some things to watch out for.

As for project knit... go ahead and crucify me because I didn't do any knitting this week. I guess I'll have 28 rows of knitting to show next Wednesday? I need to tweak my Project Knit goal. At this point those posts are a big bore.

But I am planning on a Friday Five tomorrow. Not sure what it'll include, but I'M GONNA DO IT.

I'm going to go slather myself in aloe vera now.


  1. "I haven't had the best of weeks, so I've been trying to focus on good little things that I've got goin' on. Like stationary."

    LMFAO. I love paper and stationary too! We can be 102 years old togehter. God, how do we have boyfriends?

  2. And I spelled together wrong. Dammit.

  3. because our boyfriends are probably harboring secrets of their own!

    and i don't blame you for spelling things wrong. you have no idea how many times i have to proofread my posts. no idea.