Thursday, June 16, 2011

Introducing... Vol. 1

Thursday, June 16, 2011
In an effort to motivate myself to start coming up with new ideas for LC products, I'm going to start a new tag called "Introducing...". I doubt it will be weekly (I don't want to get sloppy in order to have a weekly post), but I have one today that I'm excited about. It's kind of cheating considering I've done Hogwarts-inspired crest products before... and I've done pencil cases, but combining the two is new. I think I might give one away or give the July giveaway winner the option of a crochet case or pencil case.
Obviously I haven't finished the cases, but I wanted to take pictures while the sun wasn't totally covered with clouds. The weather's been awful here and all I've been doing it sleeping and reading. But last night I got a burst of energy and cut patterns and sewed these new crests. I made them wider, which I like a lot more.

So that's something new that I'm working on and excited to share when they're all finished. I also cut a bunch of patterns for non-HP pencil cases. Since August isn't terribly far (don't burn me) I figured people might be on the lookout. I know I use my pencil case and I typically need a new one every year because it gets dirty and I'm a clean freak.

Question: who actually uses a pencil case for school? At my college I feel like the only one. But I absolutely love them and have no idea how other people function without them. But that might just be me being a total control freak. Let me know in the comments below! And if you missed it, don't miss out on my June giveaway!

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  1. These are cute, but I wish I could say that I use pencil cases. Congrats on your increase in followers!