Monday, June 13, 2011

I Have an Agenda

Monday, June 13, 2011

This week has started off in an odd way. I have a lot of family issues that are weighing down my thoughts and spent last night and today with my mom, talking. By the time I got home the sun had moved away from my room leaving me with terrible terrible lighting for pictures - so no cyclops listings or giveaway. So I decided to make myself a "blog agenda" for lack of a better phrase. I'm going to share it on here so maybe I can be held responsible for it. I hate giving excuses and really need to kick the habit.

Tuesday: The giveaway! I'm giving away a zipper case. There will be 2 up for grabs. The winner can pick between the two. It'll be international and I'll explain the rules for entering in tomorrow's post.

Wednesday: Project Knit (Weeks 4-5). I have 28 lines to knit before then...wish me luck!

Thursday: Introducing new shop items. Be it rough sketches or finished products, I will have something to show for myself come Thursday.

Friday: A Friday Five

I'm making a list of ideas for Friday Fives so I can't run out anytime soon.

So hopefully this week will be full of updates!!

Crossing my fingers.

Check back for the giveaway sometime tomorrow!


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  1. I love Mowgli's expression in this picture. It looks like, "WHAT. are you doing?"