Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fabric Shopping Haul & Progress

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
I ran out of some fabric and felt colors I needed to make the pencil cases I was working on, so I made a list and went out to do a bunch of errands today. At Joann's I found the fabric and (some) of the felt I needed. They were totally out of white felt. So I had to go to Michaels. (Plus before all that I went back to where I typically get zippers and got 20 zippers for $5. Amazing.)

These are the badges I made before I ran out of white felt. Obviously I favored three houses before Slytherin.

The thing I'm most excited about... A little back story. When I was little all I ever wanted was to be a librarian so I could use the date stamps. Yes, I'm old enough to know what date stamps are. But since I never became a librarian and really don't plan on trying to be one anymore, I collect stamp pads and stamps every once in awhile. I have that date stamp. It's sitting right next to me. I use it for Local Color and I want to marry him.

But Michael's had all this junk for $1 each (sans the pads which were $1.99). But I've wanted alphabet stamps since before time so I was really excited. I took these god awful pictures really quickly so I could play around with them. In fact, they're still wrapped next to me. I made myself post this first.

This is torturous.

Anyway, that's my progress. Now that my supplies are back in stock the progress should really come faster.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. You should do a post about your craft space :)

    I like stamps too. I always have to do the self checkout at the supermarket because it fulfills my dreams of working at a cash register.