Friday, June 10, 2011


Friday, June 10, 2011

This is where I make excuses.
Blogger has been mean to me.
Therefore no Friday Five.
Also because I have no ideas for Friday Five.

Maybe I'll do a mini-giveaway soon to make up for it.
I do have a LOT of product that hasn't moved in months.

It's settled. My next post will be a little giveaway, so plan on THAT.

Casey and I are cooking at home tonight and I'm treating him to Olive Garden tomorrow. Because we eat a lot. Did I ever mention on here that we're going to start a food blog together? I'm really excited for that and will post more about it when it's started.

Bon weekend!



  1. How has blogger been mean to you??

  2. that was an excuse. and a false one. blogger has done nothing to me. well for awhile my follower list disappeared, but that happened to everyone. but that in no way hunders my blogging ability.