Sunday, May 1, 2011


Sunday, May 1, 2011
I finally got some serious crocheting done! I made six video game cases for the shop. I worked in assembly-line fashion last night and am happy with the progress.

The only color that hasn't been featured in the shop before is the lavender which I really like. But these cases seem to be somewhat popular and I really enjoy making them, so they seemed the obvious choice. I've got some new things that I'm able to work on now. Three more days of this semester sounds amazing. After Wednesday of this week I'll be done and hopefully working full time and still able to work on Local Color.

And paint my nails. I've been wearing China Glaze's For Audrey. I see why it's such a favorite among nail polish people. It's beautiful and this picture isn't even accurate. It's so dreary and gross out here. So all my pictures are nasty. THEREFORE I have to wait to update my Etsy because I rely on natural light for pictures.


Hope everyone's Sundays are great despite the weather. Also, happy May!


  1. I need to keep my nails painted more often. I have a bad habit of biting them and when they're manicured, that obviously doesn't happen because why would I want nailpolish in my mouth? Belated new year's goal...

  2. Nothing beats natural light. I hate to take pictures without it.

    p.s. You have such an eye for color!